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From Lampedusa to the Magna Carta
July 29 2008
After sitting on my reading list for years, I finally got to The Leopard by Lampedusa (strangely for me, just after I finished the book, the NY Times ran two articles about Lampedusa and his 50 year old book). It was riveting, but in a way that was hard to explain to others - I lost most people around the time I said "do you remember who Garibaldi was?". I couldn't stop thinking that Lampedusa ... more

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Welcome to Ria Press. We are lovers of classic books, and our goal is to find great books and make them available to you easily and for free. You will see that most of our books are nautical, but we are slowly adding other categories. Our main thing is to create free ebooks that are optimized for printing at home, because we think most people still want to read things on paper.

Featured Authors

Joseph Teodor Conrad

The prolific critic of the dark corners of western civilization.

Alfred Thayer Mahan

Recognized the military and economic significance of naval power.


Frederick Marryat

One of the fathers of the "sea story", Marryat's autobiographical, adult and children's stories influenced later writers from Cooper to Conrad to O'Brian.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Herman Melville

Misunderstood in his time, and now revered, his works are strikingly modern and readable.

Owen Chase

The real-life Ishmael, who documents the true event that inspired Moby Dick.


Charles Robert Darwin

The author of perhaps the single most influential book since the Bible.

Henry David Thoreau


Jerome K. Jerome

The eloquent, humorous defender of the idle, passive and pleasantly unwell.

Ernest Henry Shackleton

The last true Victorian hero?


Erskine Childers

Loyal Brit turned Irish nationalist foreshadowed the Great War in the Riddle of the Sands.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Joshua Slocum

The first man to sail alone around the world inspired generations of small boat skippers.

Henry Major Tomlinson

A literate, sensitive pacifist who set much of his writing at sea.


Mark Twain

America's first celebrity writer.

Jack London

Adventurer and story teller who loved the wilderness and the oceans of the West and the Pacific.


Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Thomas Hardy


Nathaniel Bishop

A gentleman explorer who hiked across South America and explored the inland waterways of the USA in small craft.

Rudyard Kipling

The defender of imperialism, or fierce critic?


Thomas Paine

Jules Gabriel Verne


Ingatius Valentine Chirol

Charles Dickens


other great books


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