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Charles Robert Darwin


Date Born: 2/12/1809
Place of Birth: Shrewsbury, England

Date Died: 4/19/0
Place of Death: Downe, England

Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) signed on in 1831 for two years as naturalist aboard a British hydrographic survey vessel, and over four decades translated his insights into four books that arguably are the most influential scientific and religious tracts published since the Bible. The Voyage of the Beagle is his first major work and the narrative of that fateful journey which served as the foundation for all his later works. 

Darwin was the gentle son of a prominent British family, and was searching for direction in life after abandoning a career in medicine. He was fortunate to be introduced to Robert FitzRoy, the young captain of the Beagle, who was taking the unusual step of bring a full-time naturalist on his survey voyage. In addition to being interested in science, FitzRoy was seeking company potentially to stave off the madness and suicide prevalent in sea captains and his family.

The Beagle's circumnavigation dragged on for five years. At Tierra del Fuego, Darwin's interaction with Fuegians influenced his late-in-life insights into human evolution. In Chile, he saw fossils and ancient geologic formations which illustrated first hand the great passage of time, which he understood from reading Lyell. And of course, on the Galapagos, his comparisons of finches later crystallized into the theory of natural selection.

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The Voyage of the Beagle (Illustrated)

By: Charles Darwin

Observations about finch beaks and del Fuegian natives lead to the most important book since the Bible. This is the story of the voyage that produced the insights.

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The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection

By: Charles Darwin

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