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Nathaniel Bishop was America's John MacGregor, a Victorian-era gentleman explorer. His achievements included a 1,000 hike across South America, numerous canoe trips through North America's inland waterways, and the constructrion of a 58 pound "paper canoe" which he used for extensive voyages.

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Four Months in a Sneak Box (Illustrated)

By: Nathaniel H. Bishop

The author navigates and narrates through America's inland waterways during an 1874 voyage in 12 foot boat.

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Author Bibliography

Books by Nathaniel  Bishop:
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Four Months in a Sneak Box. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1879.
Voyage of The Paper Canoe: A Geographical Journey of 2500 Miles, from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico, During the Years 1874-5. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1878.